Track, analyse & report on your competitors' email marketing

  • Do you want to see the types of emails your competitors' are sending?
  • Do you also want to know the day of the week and time of day your competitors' are sending emails?
  • What about having access to that type of analysis on a weekly or monthly basis?

Well now you can!

The Competitor Email Monitoring tool can do all of that and more. What's more the monthly starting price is as little as £295.

Don't waste any more time subscribing to your competitors' emails that are filling up your inbox, start using the tool today. No training needed.

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Fully automatic, your competitors’ emails are saved immediately and organised in one location for you to easily access anytime 24/7.


Plot key metrics such as time of day & day of week, with just one click. Analysis is available for all or individual competitors.



Create reports you want to share at your next board meeting. Easy to create well-presented, tailored and branded reports.