Digital Marketing Strategy Consultants

At Let'sTalk Strategy we work with you to develop a robust, practical digital marketing strategy. We work with managers and senior management teams to ensure we understand your business to provide a strategy that is suited and tailored to you.

We provide marketing consultancy across the full digital marketing mix always starting with strategy first. Our services include:


STEP 1: Business discovery

This first step is key to ensure we fully immerse ourselves in understanding your business. We spend up to 2 hours finding out everything about your business:

  • Your objectives – what do you want to achieve?
  • Your competitors – who are they, why you see them as competitors and how do we compete against them? What’s their approach?
  • The market place – what is the industry you play in? What does that look like? Where are the opportunities?
  • Your customers – who are your target audience, whats their interests, whats their behaviour to your current digital marketing strategy and tactical activity?
  • Data insight analysis – access to reports and tracking tools that you currently use to be able to understand your customers’ behaviour online to your existing digital marketing activity & highlight a SWOT on this insight (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats).
  • Your ambitions – what are your goals as a business, where do you want to be?
  • Examples and discussions about your existing marketing activity – what’s worked well and what hasn’t?

We leave no stone unturned to ensure we fully immerse ourselves in your business. We never skip this first step because without it how can create a digital marketing strategy that is going to perform? Our preference is for this session to take place face to face so you also get to meet us and we get the opportunity to meet your wider team.

We even document our note taking that can be shared with you to ensure we fully understand your business and your business strategy.

STEP 2: Digital Marketing Strategic recommendations

It’s the results of step 1. From discovering everything about your business we can then work on creating strategic recommendations. We identify your key digital marketing objectives and priorities to ensure you achieve your business ambitions. Competitor, market and industry research is also conducted to ensure that our recommendations are made in context to achieve optimum success. These strategic recommendations are presented back to you and your team again preferably face to face. This is the first step in providing a plan to achieve your objectives. Following this second meeting you and your team are provided with a strategic plan which includes key milestones and recommended timelines to achieve your goals.

STEP 3: Strategic consultancy and support

Now that you have your digital marketing strategy and plan, it’s time to implement it. We can of course help as much or as little as you’d like to turn this plan into reality. We can implement or provide strategic consultancy to support you and your team along the way, providing expertise and advice in ensuring you achieve the best results. We can also provide regular review sessions to analyse your performance, provide recommendation areas to live your digital marketing strategy.


Already have a digital marketing strategy, but aren't achieving expected results? 

We can provide independent strategic consultancy to review your existing strategy & provide recommendations of areas that might need tweaking or adjusting.

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