Search marketing - PPC & SEO

We all do it, when we don’t the answer to a question we’ll reply with... ‘just Google it.’
Information is at our finger tips at lightning speed, any time of the day for any question. So much so that we ask Google a question 40,000 times a second, which equates to 3.5 billion times a day (, 2017)! Just think about the amount of information that’s available to you, your customers…and the number of search results your brand could appear.

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Having a website doesn’t guarantee that it will be displayed in the search results in Google. It may be a beautifully designed website, but if it hasn’t been optimised for search, Google won’t know it exists, and neither will your prospects.
Unsure if your website has been optimised for search? Get in touch and we can provide an audit of your website and highlight areas of improvement in priority order to improve your SEO performance.

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Pay Per Click - PPC

PPC are the paid ads that appear in the search results after you’ve submitted a question. This provides another area to raise the awareness and promote your brand, product and services. The key element to an effective PPC strategy is to advertise for the search terms that are relevant to the services and product you provide. If your brand appears above the search results of a regular query you receive from customers, you will distinguish yourself against your competition and provide that person with the relevant information they were looking for. PPC isn’t there to interrupt the customer journey, it’s there to enhance it.

We are here to support you

Our search consultancy services are tailored to you and your business’s needs. Our consultants have extensive experience in optimising both SEO and PPC activity for a variety of brands from a variety of industries both in the UK and Internationally.

Our services include:
• We’re here to make sure your website is found by the right target audience for relevant search terms
• Complete audit of previous & existing activity to establish a plan of priorities
• Analytical reporting on performance, weekly or monthly basis

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